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Adult Mental Health First Aid

This course gives learners an in-depth understanding of: mental health; risk factors that can negatively impact someone with mental health illness; the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses; and an action plan to support someone who is in distress.
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Adult Mental Health First Aid
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Course Information

Mental Health First Aid England - Adult Mental Health First Aid
Suitable Candidate
This course is for anyone who would like to know about how to be the initial support for someone with a mental health illness. This could be a physical first aider, HR practitioner, community volunteer etc.
Pre-Course Requirements
This course is for everyone, however, due to the sensitive subjects that are covered on the course some learners can find it distressing. Our instructors will make every effort to make all learners feel safe and comfortable.

Assessment Methods
Attendance and participation is required in all sessions of the course.

2 days

Course Syllabus
  • The Mental Health First Aid action plan
  • What is mental health?
  • Impact of mental health issues
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Depression
  • ~What is depression?
  • ~Symptoms of depression
  • ~Risk factors for depression
  • ~Depression in the workplace
  • ~Treatment & resources for depression
  • ~First aid for depression
  • Alcohol, drugs and mental health
  • Suicide
  • ~Suicide figures
  • ~First aid for suicidal crisis
  • Non-judgemental listening skills
  • Anxiety
  • ~What is an anxiety disorder?
  • ~First aid for anxiety disorders
  • ~Crisis first aid after a traumatic event
  • ~Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders
  • ~Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders
  • Cognitive distortions and CBT
  • Personality disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm
  • Psychosis
  • ~What is psychosis?
  • ~Risk factors for psychosis
  • ~Alcohol, drugs and psychosis
  • ~Schizophrenia
  • ~Bipolar disorder
  • ~Warning signs of developing psychosis
  • ~Crisis first aid for acute psychosis
  • ~Treatment and resources for psychosis
  • Recovery and building resources
  • Self-care

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