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Mental Health In The Workplace

Part of the manager's role is supporting their team when an employee presents with mental ill health. This course identifies the basic principles of promoting a “mentally friendly” workplace to prevent lowered productivity and sick leave. The course also provides support managing employees that have mental ill health at work or when off sick.
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Mental Health In The Workplace
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Course Information

Mental Health in the Workplace Attendance Certificate.
Suitable Candidate
Anyone can attend this course. However, this course is primarily aimed at managers.
Pre-Course Requirements
Due to some of the sensitive subjects of our course, candidates should be aware that some can find certain parts of the course challenging, although our instructors will make every effort to make the candidates feel safe & comfortable.

Assessment Methods
Candidates must attend & participate in all training sessions.

1 Day.

Course Syllabus

The Mental Health in the Workplace course helps managers:

  • To understand the commonality of mental issues at work & the related business costs.
  • To gain knowledge about the types of mental health conditions that are commonly seen at work.
  • To understand how to promote good mental health in the workplace & help employees improve their well being.
  • To understand the business, legal & ethical reasons why creating a mental health friendly workplace is a good idea.
  • To be able to use available resources, both internal & external, in relation to mental health issues at work.
  • To be able to recognise an employee who might have a mental health issue at work & how to manage this situation.
  • To know how to manage an employee who is absent from work in relation to a mental health issue & how to successfully manage that employee back to work.
  • To to manage their own mental health.

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