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William Ferriday
Tuesday, June 23, 2020
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On the 1st June we updated our guidance on First Aid training to account for the challenges introduced by Covid-19. Our aim was to introduce a way of enabling learners to use our training equipment, and reduce the need for them to share and come into contact with other learners. We are therefore pleased to announce the introduction of the Promet Pack.

The Promet Pack contains all of the equipment required to run our first aid courses with extremely limited person to person contact. We have worked hard to source all of the equipment required to issue one Promet Pack to each learner for the duration of the course. Combined with a robust maintenance and cleaning programme, we believe that our courses will provide effective, confident and safe learning to our course participants.

The Promet pack contains the following:

Laerdal Little Anne QCPR

Promet Manikin

Unlike other providers, all of our manikins are fitted with QCPR feedback technology providing interactive and immediate feedback via the Laerdal QCPR learner app. There have been many studies that indicate effective CPR is very important to survival rates for cardiac arrest. We therefore see the QCPR feedback technology as a necessity rather than a value-added tool, which is why we have included it with all of our manikins. You can read more about Laerdal Little Anne QCPR manikins on the Laerdal website.

Training Arm

Training Arm

One of the key areas of contact between learners on most pre-Covid-19 First Aid courses was during wound dressing practicals. Many providers are suggesting that practicing on oneself will mitigate the need to practice on each other, but at Promet we have gone one step further by providing each learner with a training arm. This allows learners to practice the application of dressings as well as tourniquets and haemostatic dressings, providing a more rounded and effective learning experience.



Philips HS1 Defibrillator

Defibrillators have been part of First Aid for a number of years and while many trainers have a small collection of defibrillators for demonstration purposes, we have committed to providing a training defibrillator per learner. This helps us to achieve our ultimate aim of limited contact between learners, while giving learners an improved learning experience and longer lengths of hands-on time with the defibrillators for greater understanding.



CAT Tourniquet

Tourniquet are still a bit misunderstood. Should they be in a first aid kit? Depending on risk assessments and First Aid needs assessments then possibly yes. Nevertheless all first aiders should be aware of their existence and given instruction on how to use them. On Promet courses we will provide all learners with a tourniquet for practice and learning. Paired with the Training Arm this will provide our learners with increased confidence on their use.


Training Inhaler


Although not required on all First Aid courses, this is another item that previously would be supplied to learners in limited quantities on pre-Covid-19 courses (usually two or three for learners to pass around). For effective learning, however, each learner should be given the opportunity to practice and learn by doing. On this basis, we will be supplying each learner with their own individual training inhaler for the duration of the course, limiting learner to learner exposure and increasing learner confidence in the use of inhalers.



Training EpiPen

This is an item that you may hope you would never have to use, but in an emergency situation it is important that first aiders know how to effectively and confidently use Adrenaline Auto Injectors such as EpiPens. Again, increased hands on time can only be beneficial while at the same time limiting learner to learner contact.


Training Dressings

Training Dressing

You may have attended First Aid courses with slightly yellowing and used dressings, but at Promet we have always provided all learners with new training dressings on all of our pre-Covid-19 courses. We did this to limit exposure to others and this is a practice that we intend to continue.


Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

We will provide hand sanitiser to all of our learners at the start of each course. We will also provide information to each learner on the correct use of hand sanitiser in the form of a short video as a course introduction.




We hope that with our new Covid-19 protocol the need for gloves will be limited, due to the reduction in shared equipment. There will, however, be some practical elements (e.g. recovery position) that indicate a need for gloves. Gloves will be provided in three sizes (small, medium and large) to each learner.


Face Covering

Many training providers have indicated that they will not be providing face coverings. In our eyes the protection and peace of mind of our learners is a priority. This is why will provide a face covering to all of our learners should they wish to use them.


Manikin Cleaning Wipes

Manikin Wipes

Our pre and post course maintenance and cleaning programme, and the one-on-one ratio of learner to manikin will make the need for cleaning the manikins during the course unnecessary. However, for the peace of mind of our learners, they will be provided with manikin cleaning wipes should they wish to use them.



Sharing paper forms has a low risk associated with it, but we wanted to streamline our processes and reduce the risk even further where possible. Our tablets will come with the QCPR app pre-installed, and all paperwork will be completed through the tablets. This is also a great way for learners to take notes without wasting paper. The tablet will be provided at the beginning of the course for their sole use throughout the course.


Storage Pack

Promet Storage Box

All of this equipment needs a new home. Which is why we have designed and built the Promet boxes to store everything.

We will have 12 Promet Packs per course so each learner will be provided with all of the equipment you see above for their sole use throughout the course. If you would like more information on the Promet Packs please contact us.

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