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First Aid and Covid-19

Written by -
William Ferriday
Tuesday, June 23, 2020
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HSE has issued guidance to employers surrounding First Aid training. A key point of this guidance is that First Aid certificates expiring after 16th March can be extended if you can demonstrate what steps you have taken to access the training during the Covid-19 period. This extension period will come to an end on the 30th September. You can find the full HSE guidance here:

At Promet we use Highfield Qualifications as our Awarding Organisation. We do this for the convenience of our learners. With an Awarding Organisation regulating us as a training centre, you can be confident that the training you receive meets all of the necessary criteria (See First Aid Training - Are You Legal).

As such we need to consider the following statement from The First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum (FAAOF):

'FAAOF recommend that First Aid training (other than absolutely essential First Aid training) should not restart until after the government has changed the COVID-19 alert status to Level 3. Training must only take place where this is permissible in accordance with the UK Government and devolved administrations or regional restrictions.'

The full statement is available to view at the FAAOF website.

In addition, the FAAOF has agreed to a set of principles for centres who wish to run First Aid courses when it is safe to do so. Our awarding organisation, Highfield, has adapted this to create a First Aid delivery guidance document. The document can be found here.

Promet has considered all of the above guidance and created a COVID-19 protocol. Our protocol can be found here.

Here is a snapshot of some of the key points:

  • One-on-one ratio of learners to Laerdal QCPR manikins - Laerdal QCPR manikins provide immediate feedback on learner CPR via IOS and Android Devices
  • One-on-one ratio of learners to defibrillators
  • Two metre cone markers to identify social distancing in the learning environment
  • Training arms for practicing dressings with a one-on-one ratio of learners to training arms
  • Online course forms and a one-on-one ratio of learners to tablets for completing the forms
  • One-on-one ratio for all other equipment required for the First Aid at Work course (e.g. EpiPens, Inhalers, etc.)
  • Learners provided with gloves, face masks and hand sanitiser

Our overall aim is to limit the exposure between learners by providing enough equipment in individual Promet Packs for all learners to practice all activities (except recovery position), removing the need to share equipment yet keeping our costs the same.

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